IV Therapy

Wellness in a bag.


To simply put it – wellness in a bag! IV therapy is something that I have been very passionate about since my friend, Amanda Kramme, introduced the practice to me. Amanda is a nurse and the CEO of Vivid Mobile IV. We love to collaborate closely to offer clients IV hydration, IV vitamin therapy, metabolism injections, and vitamin injections.

Due to Amanda’s experience and education in health & wellness, she is able to customize each bag to your unique needs. If you don’t know where to start, that’s okay! Amanda has pre-made bags that target a variety of health concerns.

-Melissa, Owner of Serendipity Spa


Absorbs faster than normal vitamins, boosts the immune system & metabolism, aids in weight loss, promotes hydration in the body, speeds up recovery time, prevents illness, reduce migraines & chronic pain, detoxes the body, and SO much more!

vivid mobile iv & lounge

IV therapy can be done from the comfort of your home, at the Vivid Wellness Lounge, or at the spa during one of your services (if you coordinate with Melissa ahead of time). With the Wellness Lounge only being minutes away from the Serendipity Spa, a lot of our clients will make a self care day out of it! For more information about IV therapy, injections, or their wellness services, please visit their website below. 

Vivid Wellness + Mobile IV website

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