At Serendipity, we believe there is a connection between your mind, body, and spirit. We love to help you feel beautiful and reach your skin care goals, but we also want you to feel beautiful on the inside as well. Strengthening the mind, body, spirit connection takes effort. That’s why we have a space at the spa with practitioners offering a variety of gifts to help you live a more peaceful, fulfilled, and joyful life.

Stevie Lang
Transformation Guide + Spiritual Mentor

I am a transformation guide and spiritual mentor with clairvoyant gifts. I broke free from an oppressive, guilt and shame ridden religious paradigm and have reinvented myself several times since.  I discovered no amount of work, status or salary gave me a sense of fulfillment so I dug into what my heart longed for.

My yearning to find purpose in my life led me here, serving instead of hiding.  I offer empowerment coaching, Kundalini Reiki and channeling services to help you create a life you love, where you confidently tap into your own inner power and wisdom.  Whether you are just starting to discover what you want, know what you want but not how to get it or are looking for support as you serve others, I’m here to accompany you on your journey.

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Nika Marie

About Me
I have been reading as an intuitive medium for almost 2 decades, but it doesn’t start there. This gift has been passed down from generations and my heritage is from the Balkan region, of the former Yugoslavia. Both of my grandmothers (maternal and paternal) had psychic abilities, one a medium and other read tea leaves.
My definition of a Medium
Some refer to themselves as psychic medium, spiritual medium, intuitive medium, etc. It is all essentially the same as a medium connects with energy of spirits who have transitioned and are on a different vibrational level. Mediums can bring their energy up to a higher vibration as spirit is able to lower their vibration for the medium to meet in the middle to communicate with one another. My role as a medium, to help in healing. Whether the healing is through a much-needed messages from a loved one(s) who have transitioned or guiding my client in finding their life purpose or getting on the right track, my sessions have the overall theme of healing and love from Source. For us here on this earthly plane and even for souls who have transitioned; we have a common purpose–our soul goal is to learn, live and grow from our experiences to become more in tune with the divine and to remember we are the divine.
What to Expect in a Reading
I connect with the energy surrounding my client and share what is relevant for my client. My readings will have an element that can focus on a loved one who has passed. Coming to the realization that death is not the end of the road—we keep going and thriving after we pass, and we are incredibly supportive from the other side after we pass. When we transition, we enjoy watching over our loved ones, guiding them, loving them—some still even enjoying family get togethers, vacations, baseball games, dance recitals, etc. After we have transitioned, some still enjoy giving advice (especially now given the vantage point of seeing the entire picture of what life on earth is all about, etc.) After the loved ones have made a personal connection and validation, it is common for my readings to include a spiritual healing and guidance piece (sometimes from a loved one, sometimes just from the Divine). I often tune into messages for my clients of what direction to focus and what one can look forward to or how to work through a tough situation. I even have people come to me without a significant individual who has passed but more for their own guidance and direction —in which their spirit team on the other side will jump right in to give my client just what they need to live life to its fullest with direction and purpose.

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Keely Kientoff
Spiritual Guide

My soul’s calling is to tie two worlds together by helping to guide others who have been on the same journey as I have. The ones that I help are dreamwalkers, like I am. They feel like they have to be two different people. They crave to be themselves but don’t know who that is. I am the bridge to show them the way home, to their multidimensional self. I am here to help others to unlock their cosmic codes, to be their guide, to give them the tools they need to discover their inner wisdom and power.

I have gone deeper into unlocking my dormant DNA to become who I was meant to be in this current human existence. I am a Reiki Master and I also learned the last steps to be in the vibration of my soul’s calling. I have the gifts of telepathy, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairvoyance, dreamwalking, and visions of multiple timelines.  I am also a Manifestor in Human Design.
Keely offers many services including Spiritual Guidance, Dream Interpretation, Sound and Crystal Reiki Healing, and Channeled Card Readings.

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Nikki Ballantyne-Emery
Yoga Instructor

I first found yoga in 2009 during one of the most tumultuous periods of my life. It was there, on my mat in the very first yoga studio that I had ever walked into, that I truly found myself. I realized just months after beginning my own practice, that my life’s calling was to bring yoga to others and help guide them on an alternative path to holistic well-being. Yoga changed my life in so many beautiful ways, and now I want to pass that gift onto you.

As a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher, I will guide you through a restorative yoga practice that will nurture your body, mind, and soul. Classes will be quaint and intimate in size and will also provide support and modification for all abilities. My dream is to share the life changing benefits of yoga with the world, and help you create a life of abundant well-being. Please join me on this journey, and open your soul to the bliss that can only be found within.

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