Reboot w/ ange kinser

Saturday, June 15th | 9am- 11am | $35 | Serendipity Spa

Embrace a fresh start at our Reboot event this June with special guest Ange Kinser from Young Living! Kick off the Summer by shedding emotions that no longer serve your well-being.

Join Ange as she gently guides you through a transformative journey, using essential oils and scripture to foster a renewed sense of wholeness. Wear comfy clothes, bring a notebook and pen, and get ready to experience the power of essential oils individually tailored to your needs.

Ange will share the benefits of each oil, guide you in its application, and read passages from the Bible alongside affirmations. Stimulating the emotion and memory centers of the brain, this session allows you to reflect and let go.

Costing just $35, RSVP to Ange at to secure your spot! Welcome Spring with a rejuvenated spirit and a renewed sense of self.

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