Red Carpet Radiance $135

a facial packed with light 

microdermabrasion, a layered peel technique, and targeted masks with

red light leaving your skin feeling "red carpet ready"!


The Wrinkle Buster $165

a treatment based facial that 

combines microdermabrasion, 

microneedling, and a custom mask with red light therapy

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Meet Haley, Licensed Massage Therapist! We are so excited to 

welcome her to our spa family in June!

Get to know Haley...


I am a graduate of the Massage Therapy Program at Aveda Institute of Des Moines who is ecstatic to 

begin my career as a licensed 

massage therapist! My passion is to help people find relief of physical pains and mental stressors, along with obtaining balance of the mind, body and spirit. My next goal will be to obtain more knowledge of energy healing so that I will be able to perform Reiki Massage for those that have a substantial amount of stress in their life. 

During my free time, I enjoy keeping up with daily exercises of yoga and going on walks. I also love using my spare time for self-care exercises such as meditation and tai chi. I spend lots of time with my beautiful kitty, Luna, and also love being 

outdoors or riding my motorcycle! My dream is to travel the world and build life-long friendships with amazing people!



Mother's Day Gift Certificates

Buy $100, get $25 FREE

May 1st - May 9th



NEW!  Stone of the Month

by: Wundercraeft Emporium

Crystal Quartz

Crystal Quartz is considered the Master Healer of all the stones.  It balances out all your chakras, protects against negative energy, and amplifies any intention.

You can use stones during meditations, on nightstands, in pillows, or in the car. 

Each month we will be featuring a different stone, talking about the properties, and will have some retail items for sale that incorporate the stone. 





Sound Bath: by Resonate Healing

Hannah will be on hiatus until mid summer.  A great opportunity has presented itself to her.  She will be back and we will host sound baths again! 



Medium Readings by Nika

One-on-One Appointments

Tuesday, May 4th

5 - 8pm

Friday, May 21st

9:30 - 4pm

30min session $45.00

About Nika - I have been reading as an intuitive medium for almost 2 decades, but it doesn't start there.  This gift has been passed down from generations and my heritage is from the Balkan region of the former Yugoslavia.  Both of my grandmothers (maternal and paternal) had psychic abilities, one a medium and other read tea leaves

Nika's definition of a Medium - Some refer to themselves as a psychic medium, spiritual medium, intuitive medium, etc.  It is all essentially the same as a medium connects with the energy of spirits who have transitioned and are on a different vibrational level.  My role as a medium, to help in healing.  Whether the healing is through a much needed message from a loved one(s) who have transitioned or guiding my client in finding their life purpose or getting on the right track.  My lessons have an overall theme of healing and love from Source.  For us here on this earthly plane and even for souls who have transitioned; we have a common purpose--our soul goal is to leave, live, and grow from our experiences to become more in tune with the divine and to remember we are the divine.

Visions by Nika Marie



Reiki Art For Sale  

on the walls at Serendipity

by Kim Dawson

Reiki is a form of energy healing that originated in Japan.  It is sometimes referred to as palm healing or hand-on-hands healing, where positive 

energy is transferred from 

practitioner to the client for 

emotional and/or physical healing.  Kim combines her artistry with being a Reiki Master to create artwork with intention by infusing her work with positive and healing Reiki energy.  Each unique piece is intuitively 

created with the intent of good health, happiness, inner peace, and abundance to whose whom own or view her work.  

"Through the use of Reiki energy, I create artwork with intention and hope the images I create bring as much peace and happiness to others as they do me while creating them. " Kim



Cabi Pop-Up Boutique

We are so excited to have Cabi 

clothing as a pop-up at the spa!

Click here to view the Spring Line

If you would like to book your private shopping appointment with Jacquelyn, you can email or call her directly


Cabi Spring Collection


Wellness Water from 

Pure Inventions

This month's flavor is all about Hydration!


Power up your water with natural electrolytes, energy, and hydration, and tons of antioxidants!

NO calories, NO artificial sweeteners, and NO caffeine.  

Flavor of the Month