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Monthly Specials



 Join us in a mind, body, soul experience at Serendipity Spa’s Beauty in Bloom Retreat where you will enjoy a rejuvenating facial, relaxing massage, a manicure or pedicure, an intuitive reading, and a fresh boxed lunch from Fresh Wheatgrass Girl.  Enjoy this retreat with friends, loved ones, or on your own.  We can’t wait to help your mind, body, and soul BLOOM!




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Marsha, Medium


Sunday, March 27th 

Do you miss a loved one? Do you wonder what happens after death? Are you interested to know how our loved ones let us know they are still around? This one day event will help you understand these questions.  At Passed Loved Ones Speak, Marsha Kreho, intuitive medium from Nika Life, will be answering your questions on this topic along with helping attendees to tap into their own intuition, which allows us to recognize when passed loved ones are reaching out.

What will this workshop include?

  • Guided meditation

  • Q&A with Marsha on the Otherside

  • Messages for the greater good–or the group as a whole (Marsha will read the room for a collective message for those attending)

  • Learning how passed loved ones communicate

  • Explanation and exercises on how to tune-in to hear when they are communicating

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Stevie, Empowerment Coach


Cabi Pop-Up Boutique

By: Jacquelyn

For all the Cabi lovers…The Spring Line has arrived!  Jacquelyn will be at the spa March 3rd and 4th to help you shop!

PS..Cabi Vintage is still at the spa too!  Some items are $20 or less.  Pay and take home.

3 Ways to Shop Cabi:

  1. Browse the clothing at your spa visit
  2. Set up a private shopping appointment, contact Jacquelyn at (402) – 650 – 4298
  3. Shop her link HERE